Golf clothing - The essential equipment to play in your own style

Golf is a sport that combines technique, accuracy and style. Suitable golf clothing is important for complying with course rules and ensuring comfort and freedom of movement during competition and training. Here, we present the main garments that make up the typical and correct clothing for kids and adults practising golf.

Golf clothing for the top

Regarding comfort and style, the top of your golf clothing is crucial. From classic polo shirts to modern sweatshirts or fleeces, each garment is designed to offer maximum freedom of movement and optimal breathability.

Polo shirts are the classic golf garment. Designed with technical fabrics, they allow excellent breathability and freedom of movement and offer a neat and professional look. Perfect for cooler days, golf hoodies and sweatshirts combine comfort and style, allowing you to stay warm without losing mobility. Fleece pullovers are essential for playing in colder conditions. They offer an extra layer of heat without adding unnecessary volume.

Golf clothing for the bottom

In the exciting world of golf, comfort and style go hand in hand, especially regarding underwear. Whether you're just getting started or already have the perfect swing, choosing the fitting garments is essential for high performance and confidence in the course.

Stylish and comfortable, golf dresses are a popular choice among female golfers. They combine style and functionality, allowing total freedom of movement. Leggings are ideal for those looking for comfort and performance. Perfect for colder climates or for those who prefer a tight-fitting garment. The skirts combine style and practicality, allowing comfortable play without losing elegance.


Essential accessories for your golf clothing

As you can imagine, in golf, every detail counts - the direction of the wind, the length of the lawn, the position of the sun… That's why we know that the right accessories play a crucial role in the result of your shots. Not only do they complete the outfit, but they also offer essential functional benefits for an optimal game experience. Garments as underappreciated as our caps and socks can make all the difference on the golf course.

The right socks are essential for comfort during long days in the course. They should provide support and breathability. Caps are imperative to protect yourself from the sun and maintain clear vision during the game.

Ultimately, proper golf clothing is much more than just etiquette. It is the fundamental tool for getting the performance and enjoying the game. From the breathability of the polo shirts and the fleece pullovers' warmth to the leggings' flexibility and the caps' protection, each garment and accessory is designed to offer the best style and functionality. Wekolf equips young golfers with our high-quality clothes and lets them play confidently and style in every swing.