About Us

How and why was Wekolf born?

The idea of creating a brand of kids' golf clothing like Wekolf came about when a group of parents of kid players commented on how challenging it is to find good quality and stylish golf clothing for our kids. An even more accentuated problem in the case of girls. Luckily, more and more girls are practising this wonderful sport. As a result of that need and the concern of some parents, we set to work to create the first brand of golf clothing exclusively for kids.

What is Wekolf?

Wekolf is a brand specialising in golf clothing exclusively for boys and girls between 6 and 14 years old (coming soon up to 16 years old). In our catalogue, we bring together technical, comfortable and elegant clothing. Children have actively collaborated in the design of the collection, the choice of their colours and the creation of the logo, in a process in which they were able to express their needs about what garments they like to wear while playing the sport they are passionate about. As a result, we launched the first collection, which makes them feel like what they are: authentic golf players.

Wekolf is, therefore, the first and only brand in Spain and Europe to specialise in golf clothing and accessories designed exclusively for children. Clothing that provides comfort, protection and safety so that children can develop their full potential in the game of golf.

Wekolf offers excellent value for money that makes it accessible and, above all, available, favouring the practice of golf. Accessible fashion for playing golf or for everyday use. Wekolf promotes the development of the sport of golf in children and its associated values, as well as the creation of a community for sports families, monitors and clubs in favour of healthy living, sociability, integration and sustainability.


Solve the problem of all those parents, family and friends who want to buy or give high quality, technical, elegant, sustainable golf clothing at a good value for money to their children, grandchildren, nephews, or friends for the practice of this sport.


Becoming the leading global brand of golf clothing for kids. Trend-setting among our young players. Promoting a sport that seems stigmatized by its perceived high cost. Creating a community of Wekolf players who share our passion for this sport, its practice and its promotion.

Our values:

We aim to inspire our players with the sensation of freedom of movement, comfort and dynamism while also fostering golf and sports in the family. What better way than to share the values of this beautiful sport, such as honesty, perseverance, effort and self-improvement, with the people we love the most and who allow us to do it: our parents, family and friends.
Wekolf is an accessible brand of fun, original, and elegant clothing for our little champions.

Our Value Proposition:

Very technical, high-quality clothing featuring unique details with an attractive design made by and for children at an affordable price and permanently available online.