Collection: KIDS GOLF CAPS

Discover our vast collection of kids' golf caps

If you want to protect your children from the sun, you must try our kids' golf caps. It’s the best choice! Discover all the models in our online catalogue and be amazed by their excellent quality. Don't wait to be told! Enjoy golf, Dress Wekolf.

Kids golf caps - The best protection from the sun

We know the sun can be a nuisance when you're on the golf course. The brightness often makes it challenging to hit the ball and the green. That is why we have designed kids' golf caps. With them, your children will protect their delicate skin from the sun and be comfortable practising their favourite sport.

Discover the fantastic quality of our kids' golf caps

Another surprising aspect of our kids' golf caps is the quality of their materials. Made of a technical fabric that absorbs moisture, these caps are perfect for playing golf. They will prevent sweat from falling into your eyes. In addition, its UPF 50+ sun protection factor will keep the skin perfectly protected. What else do you need to decide?

Dress in style with the kids' golf caps and wear them with your favourite outfit

What do you think of the modern style of Wekolf's kids golf caps? Beautiful striped patterns and printed logos make these caps the most attractive. In addition, you can choose between the two models available online, in blue or pink. Finally, how about combining your favourite cap with your kids' golf hoodie and sweatshirt? They will also look great with the beautiful kids' golf pullovers. Enter our website and choose your favourite products.